Microbiological Services

Want to outsource your microbiological analysis?

We can support you with routine testing and validation of the microbiological purity of raw materials and finished medicinal products.

We have in-house, project-based expertise for performing PET (preservative efficacy testing), endotoxin measurements, etc. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our microbiological services.

Analytical Method Validation - Quercus Labo

Microbiological Laboratory

GMP certified

Quercus GMP microbiological laboratory is able to test the microbial quality of raw materials, and pharmaceutical finished products:

Purified water analysis and air sampling​

Additional QC support

At Quercus, we conduct pharmaceutical challenge testing e.g. Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing known as Preservative Efficacy Test (PET) to substantiate preservation adequacy against microbial contamination which may occur during storage and use.

If needed, we can assist you with cleanroom qualification and monitoring. We have active air sampling equipment and Quercus QC Engineers can come to you to take samples. If guidance is needed on best practices for air sampling, compressed gas monitoring, etc…. we are here to help!

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