EU Import & QP batch release services

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Quercus Labo has authorization for testing and release of medicinal products in accordance with EMA Directive 2001/83/EC.

Our own qualified persons (QPs) can certify the batch release testing, in accordance with Annex 16 of the EU GMP Guidelines.

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EU Import & QP batch release services - Quercus

GMP Batch Testing & Release Batches

Formal marketing authorization holder

We can perform GMP batch testing and release batches for both sterile and non-sterile medicinal products, for human and veterinary use, as well as for Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) used in clinical trials.

Companies wishing to import medicines can also turn to Quercus for EU product release. We provide EU import clearance responsibilities for companies outside the European Union, especially for manufacturers from countries without mutual recognition (MRA) who wish to import their products within the European Economic Area (EEA).

In these cases, batch tests are required before products are released.
For customers without a legal entity in the EU, Quercus Labo is available to act as the formal marketing authorization holder for your medicinal product in any EU/EEA country.

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