QUERCUS Labo is a GMP certified contract laboratory

QUERCUS Labo is a GMP certified contract laboratory. Our customers are pharmaceutical companies, and other life science and health industries, such as companies involved in cosmetics, herbal products, food supplements or medical devices.

Small, local companies as well as major pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics multinationals rely on QUERCUS Labo for quality control, product testing, stability studies, microbiological testing, method development, method validation and developmental testing.


QUERCUS Labo is equipped for the testing of a wide range of pharmaceutical forms: oral and topical solutions, creams, ointments, tablets, capsules, powders, oral sustained release forms.

Ready for Brexit?

We can take care of EU import release responsibilities for companies outside of the European Union. The analytical laboratory of Quercus labo has an authorisation for testing and release of medicinal products. Our in-house QP’s can certify batches fully in line with reference to Annex 16 of EU GMP guidelines.


Of course reliability is very important in pharmaceutical industry. QUERCUS Labo operates a state-to-the-art quality sytem. The quality system at QUERCUS Labo is in accordance with the GMP for quality control of medicines and ISO/IEC 17025.