Quercus is a GMP laboratory with high-quality analytics in compliance with GMP, efficient lead times, and competitive prices.

About Quercus

Quercus Labo is an independent private-owned GMP laboratory.

We provide a wide range of services for:

We have tailor-made solutions for all customers and our objective is to provide applicants with reliable results and within the agreed time frame.

To achieve these goals the highly qualified staff carries out your analysis using state-to the art equipment.

Confidentiality and collaboration in partnership is important and evident for the staff of Quercus Labo.

Our services

QUERCUS Labo offers analytical services for testing of pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients and release testing of finished products.

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Compressed gases in pharmaceutical manufacturing: best practices in microbial monitoring

Compressed air and other proces gases are used in a lot of different steps during pharmaceutical manufacturing. Some examples are the use of compressed air in direct contact with products to clean, aerate, or move them through the processes or the using process gases in fluid pumps that take products through the production and filling processes. Compressed gases, such as nitrogen or argon, can also be used for blanketing or to spray or coat a product. The risks associated with the use of these gases, depend on the amount and type of product contact and based on this risk assessment, a suitable monitoring plan should be in place.

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