About Quercus

QUERCUS Labo is licensed by the Belgian Medicines Agency (FAMHP) for the analysis of medicines and pharmaceutical raw materials.

Compliant with major standards

All lab work and procedures comply with ISO17025, completed with EDQM guidance and GMP regulations. Storage conditions recommended in our studies are in accordance with ICH guidelines. Detailed procedures enable the management of all aspects of an analysis from receipt of the sample to release of the final report or certificate of analysis.

QUERCUS labo is GMP Licensed by the Belgian Medicines Agency (FAMPS) in accordance with EU regulations:

Quercus labo is ISO 17.025 certified

Other authorizations with FAMPS:

Certified quality approach

Each member of the Quercus team is commited to quality and accuracy, which are absolutely fundamental for our customers. QUERCUS Labo employs an in-house quality manager who ensures all quality systems, approves procedures, follows up on implementations, and coordinates the internal audits. He also plays a very special role in achieving the collegial spirit unique to Quercus and our customers.

QUERCUS Labo participates in the Proficiency Testing Scheme (PTS) by EDQM. Participation in the scheme provides QUERCUS Labo with objective means for assessing and demonstrating the reliability of the reported results. The scope of the PTS in the physico-chemical area covers the testing available at QUERCUS Labo.

Comprehensive reporting

Technical and scientific reports are written by our own experts. All documentation written for our customers complies with current guidance on pharmaceutical quality of medicinal products. The availability of this service has proven particularly successful. It provides our customers with a fast and efficient service and results in good contacts with the regulatory authorities.